Sixty Digits

Sixty Digits is a software development company based out of Melbourne, Australia, most notably known for their product, Digital Pigeon.

Who we are

Management Team


Stuart Clayton

Stuart is a software developer and leads the design and UX teams at Digital Pigeon. He is a co-founder of Digital Pigeon and previously ran a software consultancy, Digital Loom, and worked as a software developer with a leading construction services company.


Sean Gay

Sean is a full-stack engineer with a focus on front-end technologies and runs the project management, service and operations of Digital Pigeon. Prior to joining the team, Sean was a senior software engineer at Cxense and worked with Dan at Microsoft and Sensis.


Gus Johnston

Gus is a creative director at a San Francisco-based ad agency, Venables Bell & Partners. Before moving to the US, Gus co-founded Digital Pigeon and was most recently listed in the Adweek Creative 100.


Dan Washusen

Dan is a software developer and manages the infrastructure of Digital Pigeon. Prior to founding Digital Pigeon with Stu and Gus, Dan was previously a senior software engineer at Microsoft and Sensis with Sean and founded Digital Loom with Stuart.

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